We delete images that is without any views/downloads for more than 180 days.
We pay users within 7 business days, we pay via BTC, WebMoneyZ, and the minimum payout is 5$ USD.
Yes, refer people and get paid 5% of their earnings lifetime.
Any legal images are allowed. Please read our TOS.
Earnings stats are updated real-time instantly. Except for referral stat it will be once a day.
Yes! Please check your menu at user dashboard.
We do not allow hotlinking of full size images.
We do pay for AdBlock users but with less rates, but we do not pay for proxy users.
We count 1 clicks per IP per 24hours.
Please contact pixsense.net[AT]gmail.com
Incentive traffic is strictly prohibited. For example : PTC, BTC faucet websites
Please email to pixsense.net[AT]gmail.com